About The Audio

REHEARSE AND PLAY  has raised the bar for teaching and practicing resources, by taking the Play-Along concept through to its natural conclusion.....

A customised audio file for every instrument/player in the orchestration

The audio files have all been meticulously recorded and produced to bring you the highest quality in Play-Along technologies.


When choosing any one of our orchestrations, it is advisable to select an arrangement that is a little more advanced than the current standard of your band, along with the Full Audio Rehearsal Set, which is available with every chart in the Rehearse and Play series. Because every player is able to rehearse with their own, customised rehearsal track at home, it will take the guesswork out of their written part, especially for the players that have to learn all the inner parts of the arrangement - and that's usually most of the band. The rehearsal audio gives the young player a tangible goal to work towards.

Until now, taking home band music to practice has proved quite disheartening for some, as their ears have no reference point to lock into.

Ideal Ear Training:  The optional Rehearse and Play Audio helps the younger and less experienced players, to understand more clearly, how they fit into the arrangement, whilst giving them strong support throughout the tune.


REHEARSE AND PLAY audio is a great practice resource for more advanced players also. As the difficulty level of the arrangements increases, so does pressure on the player to lift their performance levels. The accompanying Rehearse and Play audio is a valuable and convenient tool to help the player gain more confidence, style and dynamics.

As well as the full orchestrations and audio sets, Rehearse and Play enables you to buy any single part or audio file from the entire series. You could spend as little as $1.99 at our store.


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