What is 'Rehearse & Play'?

ABBADABBA MUSIC is proud to announce a great leap forward in the world of Play-Along teaching aids

REHEARSE AND PLAY is a brand new catalogue of Big Band arrangements, ideal for both professionals and students alike. The concept of Rehearse and Play is to enable every single member of the orchestra to rehearse their own, individual part, with any orchestration in the Rehearse and Play series.

The optional MP3 audio files that accompany the printed music are named after every instrument in that arrangement. That is, Alto Sax 2.mp3 will be a backing track of the entire orchestra minus the 2nd Alto part. This system applies to all other instruments across the board.

Section Practice is another great practicing tool, as it gives the player a different and clearer perspective of the tune they are rehearsing. We have included extra audio files within the Full Audio Set of each arrangement, featuring ONLY the Trumpet or Trombone or Saxophone sections, with rhythm accompaniment.

But don't forget... You can also buy any single item at any time.


Rehearse and Play will help elevate them to a new level of performance. There are many ways Rehearse and Play gives the individual player a great, head start for their real, live playing....

  • Sight Reading
  • Phrasing and Style
  • Tuning
  • Playing in Time
  • Dynamics
  • Confidence

... and the thrill of playing with a professional band.


A great rehearsal tool when time is at such a premium.

These arrangements all have a vibrant, catchy melody, with great ensemble support for the soloists, but.... we haven't forgotten the audience, this music will really get you going, whether you're dancing, listening, or playing ...... ENJOY!

Audio Files are in MP3 format

Print Music Files are in PDF format


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